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This unit is intended to be the first unit of a year-long curriculum for a music class for students in an ALE (Alternative Learning Environment) or SE class. These students have a diverse set of abilities and are diverse learners. Accommodations and modifications will need to be made for these students and the time frame of the class may differ depending on the class. Steady beat is the most important thing that young musicians need to be able to successfully understand and demonstrate so they can continue in their studies to successfully learn to read music and play in an ensemble. In this unit, students will have ample exposure and opportunities to practice steady beat. They will first be assessed on a baseline for movement skills and awareness of fast/slow and same/different. Students will have opportunities to practice steady beat in varying group sizes with movement, body percussion, instruments, and singing. Students will be given opportunities to reflect on their success in demonstrating steady beat. Students will reflect on how they move to music and recognize that steady beat unites many of their responses to music. To demonstrate proficiency with steady beat, students will lead their peers via video to the steady beat of a song of their choice and other students will follow them accurately, as if conducting and participating in an ensemble.

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