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This unit’s focus is on area and volume (specifically TEKS 6.8B, 6.8C, and 6.8D). Students will be building on their prior knowledge of areas of rectangles and squares by including trapezoids and triangles. Students will also be introduced to the beginnings of 3-dimensional objects and how the volume formulas come to be. Students will continue to practice with the volumes of rectangular prisms which are centered on multiplying length by width by height. They will also begin to discover that if the area of the base is known then height is what makes these shapes three-dimensional. Thus, students will be introduced to V=Bh. This unit will culminate in a performance assessment where students will draw their own dream house floor plans. Once they have determined the square footage of individual rooms and their overall home, students will then build a 3D model of what was designed on the floor plan. In this way, students will have the discussion about what it means to live in an urban society and how cities deal with expansion. Students will also discuss how financial and physical space constraints affect where individuals decide to live.

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