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This unit focuses on (as the title suggests) exploring cause and effect through change. Students will explore different personal, local, and global changes; what causes those changes, and what effects those change have on them, those around them, and the world. They will also understand that, while change is not avoidable, we empower ourselves by deciding how to react and respond to those changes. Students will read a fictional narrative in which they can relate to the main character: the story is about her first day at a US school. They will also read fictional and non-fiction letters to the editor, and a non-fiction, informative text. They will do a different assessment for each level of change, with a culminating assessment in which they are asked to choose something, virtually anything, that they want to change. They will have to show why they want that change to happen, what they will do to cause it, and what its effects will be. The assessment rubrics and handouts are attached at the end of the document, as well as a few of the worksheets that will be used throughout the unit. As an extension to the unit, students may have an opportunity to volunteer and see how empowering it is to create change.

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