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Our unit centers on building our students' social-emotional skills. The skills we focus on are listening, following directions, self-control, and problem solving. Using various read-alouds, kid-friendly videos, and visuals, we hope to provide students with tools necessary to become problem-solvers in their daily lives.Students will be introduced to different age-appropriate solutions and practice them in an interactive and fun way. Ideally, this unit should be taught during the first weeks of school in effort to build a positive learning community.

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Solutions.pptx (1661 kB)
Days 5-9

Social Filter.pptx (12780 kB)
Day 4

UBD Perf. Task Eng. Esp. K-2.pptx (14595 kB)
Day 10

UBD Pre- Assessment.pptx (18870 kB)
Day 1

UBD Solution CFU.pptx (2990 kB)
Day 9

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