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This unit is designed for the middle of the school year in a Spanish 1 classroom. The unit focuses on reviewing previously learned vocabulary including school supplies and activities while adding the present tense verbs "tengo," "quiero," and "necesito." Students will be exposed to information about and images of classrooms around the world to show how wants and needs differ by culture. At the end of the unit, students will have two Performance-Based Assessments- an interpersonal conversation about what they want to do and need to do and an integrated writing assessment comparing wants and needs in their school to other schools in Spanish-Speaking countries.

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PowerPoint Presentation.pptx (66270 kB)
Used everyday

Pre Assessment.docx (18 kB)
Day 1

Yo tengo, Yo necesito....docx (2575 kB)
Days 2, 4, 6

Cultural Gallery Walk.docx (854 kB)
Day 2

Window Notes.docx (61 kB)
Day 2

Interview.docx (97 kB)
Day 3

Inductive Sorting.docx (121 kB)
Day 4

Una carta de Maribel.docx (103 kB)
Day 5

Human BINGO.docx (17 kB)
Day 5

Pesca.pptx (108 kB)
Day 6

TGT Materials.docx (139 kB)
Days 6, 7

Role Play Speaking.docx (59 kB)
Day 8

Ranking.docx (64 kB)
Day 9

Information Gap.docx (104 kB)
Day 9

Infographic.docx (51 kB)
Day 10

Compare and Contrast.docx (65 kB)
Day 11

PBAs.docx (19 kB)
Days 10, 12

Interpersonal-speaking-rubric.pdf (76 kB)
Rubric for day 10

Writing rubric.pdf (99 kB)
Rubric for Day 12

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