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Summer 6-2017


This unit is designed to be taught early in Spanish I. In this unit, students will explore what it means to be made uniquely and how their preferences reflect who they are. This unit focuses on language learning through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It covers activities vocab, personality characteristics vocab, infintive verbs, cognates, negatives, agreement, adjectives, and articles. By the end of the unit, students will be able to talk about what they like and dislike doing, to describe their personality and how that reflects their activity preferences and to describe other people's preferences and personalities.

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Unit Vocabulary - ¿Cómo Eres y Qué Te Gusta Hacer-.pdf (49 kB)
unit vocabulary list

VocabPre-Assessment.pdf (76 kB)
unit vocabulary mulitple-choice assessment

VocabQuiz-Partes1-3-LasActividades.pdf (743 kB)
Vocab Quiz - Activity Vocab

VocabQuiz-LaPersonalidad.pdf (31 kB)
Vocab Quiz - Personality Vocab

GrammarQuiz1-NegativesAgreementInfinitivesCognates.pdf (48 kB)
Grammar Quiz - Agreement/Infinitive Verbs, Cognates, Negatives

GrammarQuiz2-AdjectivesArticlesWordOrder.pdf (47 kB)
Grammar Quiz - Gender/Number/Adjectives/Articles

InteractiveHomework-LasActividades.pdf (132 kB)
Interactive Homework Assignment Sheet

Comparing Activities and Family Members.pdf (39 kB)
Interactive Homework Follow-up

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