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This unit is designed so that students will be able to explain the purpose of varying types of technology in Spanish. Additionally, students will recognize that “technology” does not have to mean something electronic, but even the wheel, writing, and medicine are also forms of technology -- tools that humans use on a regular basis. Because they use technology in their everyday life, students will most certainly learn vocabulary relevant to their everyday lives. They will read articles about the power (literal and figurative) that comes with access to technology, as well as articles that express what it means to not have this access -- to energy, internet, or even transportation. Students will have countless opportunities to voice their own opinions in Spanish about what technology is, how necessary it is in certain places, and the most important advances in human history. Students will also have a chance to compare the evolution of different types of technology from their own culture to those of Spanish-speaking cultures. This unit should give students varying perspectives on the use of technology everywhere, instead of focusing on the screens in front of them.

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