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Summer 6-16-2017


This unit focuses on exploring expository through culture by having students realize that effective expository essays contain an engaging introduction, a well-supported controlling idea (thesis statement), and thought-provoking conclusion. Students will write two process essays along with including multiple prewriting prompts and a timed writing. Through a variety of activities, students will build their confidence and skill as writers.

The second enduring understanding—understanding of diverse cultures can be gained by acknowledging differences and similarities in beliefs, traditions, customs, and histories—allows students to make connections to their own lives and experiences while also learning more about their classmates and school culture. Through this unit, students will explore different cultures and gain empathy towards other cultures by researching an influential person of another culture, researching another culture, and researching their own culture.

The cumulative assessment allows choice for the student to demonstrate their overall understanding of their own culture and how it relates to others through the use of different mediums. Students will present their projects to the class and reflect on what they have learned in a one-page reflection.

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