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In this unit incorporating third-fifth grade social studies, writing and health TEKS, students closely examine their own characteristics to first build an understanding of who they are. Students also learn that everyone is unique and that is what makes us as individuals powerful. After discovering who they are and creating the story of their lives, students then examine scenarios related to people their own age where others are not treated fairly based on who they are. Through stories that relate to what I have witnessed in school, students learn what it is like to be discriminated against and what they can do when they see injustice in the world. Depending on the classroom of students, a teacher might choose to change the anti-bias scenarios. Ultimately, students are asked to create a campaign poster that accurately depicts them and write/discuss how they would respond to unjust situations they might see in life. It is my hope that this unit develops empathy among students and that students understand the importance of being kind in today's world.

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