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This unit, “Confianza en mis habilidades” or “Confidence in my abilities,” is designed for the beginning of the school year in a Spanish 3 classroom for non-native speakers. The unit focuses on reviewing previously learned vocabulary including descriptions, activities, and places and previously learned grammar including the present tense and reflexive verbs. This unit is intended to remind students what they have already learned in Spanish 1 and in Spanish 2 and to help connect them to what they will be learning in Spanish 3. It will serve as the foundation for which we build upon throughout the year. Students will be exposed to the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through the use of videos, audio samples, and readings. At the end of the unit, students will have three Performance-Based Assessments- an interpersonal conversation about what activities they plan to participate in while studying abroad, an integrated listening and writing assessment on which student guide they would like while studying abroad, and an interpretive reading assessment comparing their daily schedule of activities to a Spanish-speaking student’s daily schedule in Spain. Because this unit is primarily review, students will be able to gain confidence communicating in Spanish and will be able to start thinking about using Spanish outside of the classroom.

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