Exploring Identity and the Communities We Live In

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Who am I? Students are often faced with this question as they traverse the territories of primary, secondary, and higher education. Identity is often formed gradually overtime and is ever changing. Knowing who we are allows us to reach beyond ourselves and engage with other individuals and cultures different from our own. In this unit students will engage in lessons that encourage reflection on their attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors and how they impact their individual identity. Students will learn how societal infrastructure plays a role in constructing our opinions and perceptions of ourselves and others. Simultaneously, students will also be asked to consider how their identity influences their role and engagement with their community.

The unit will culminate with a summative, experiential project that tasks students with researching a non-profit organization, volunteering, conducting interviews, and producing a video that creatively showcases their findings. Through the writing and video development process students will weave together how their cultural identity reflections and passion for non-profit service work can positively impact their community.

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Warm-Ups and Protocols

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