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In this unit, students will apply their knowledge of transversal/parallel relationships to the construction of a truss bridge. This bridge will be constructed out of popsicle sticks and hot glue and will need to support as much weight as possible. Students will also need to sketch cross sections of the bridge; identifying special angles created by a transversal intersecting a pair of parallel lines and similar triangles.

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Bridge Design Project (Problem Statement).pdf (84 kB)
Problem Statement (Student Material)

Bridge Design Project (Rubric).pdf (33 kB)
Rubric for Final Project

ErrorAnalysis.pdf (198 kB)
Sample of an Error Analysis page

Group Assignment and Roles.pdf (61 kB)
Basic group contract and calendar

KW Chart.pdf (160 kB)
Blank KW Research Chart

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Microsoft Word version of UbD

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