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Summer 6-21-2018


This unit was designed to be taught at the beginning of the year on a project-based learning campus. The objectives of this unit are to a) review elements of poetry and figurative language, b) resume discussions of emotions as part of a social-emotional learning curriculum, c) allow students to introduce themselves to their new classmates in a creative way, and d) get students accustomed to both presenting to and teaching others. This unit culminates in a two-part performance task that includes performing an original poem (accompanied by music or rhythm) and teaching a poetry workshop. Because this unit was designed with some very specific parameters, it will require some adaptations in order to be taught in your classroom. However, we have tried to annotate and make suggestions on how to best adapt the unit to meet your classroom needs. This unit does contain links to outside documents and programs that are not owned by the authors, but most, if not all of the materials required to run this unit (or comparable ones) are available online at no cost.

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