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Summer 6-21-2018


This unit is designed for the second year of the IB Diploma Programme Spanish Ab Initio course, but could be adapted for native speakers or an AP Spanish class as well. This unit focuses on building on students’ prior knowledge of the damage done to the environment. It gives them the basic vocabulary they need to read, write, and talk about planet earth, environmental issues, and possible solutions. It contains plenty of practice with the subjunctive tense, specifically structured with emotional and opinion-based statements and impersonal expressions. The performance task expects students to do research in their native language on one of six environmentally-related topics, including an environmental issue, two possible solutions, advantages and disadvantages for each of those solutions, and finally, the students’ opinions on those solutions. This task gives students an opportunity to combine all of the vocabulary they have learned throughout the unit to express what they think and show what they are passionate about regarding the world around them. The ultimate goal for this unit is to open students’ eyes to what they can do as ordinary citizens to slow down, if not repair, the damage that humans have done to the earth.

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