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In this unit students will be introduced to the language, customs, and educational systems of various Spanish-speaking countries. The unit will focus on a typical day in the life of students in the United States versus the Spanish-speaking world. The unit introduces school subject vocabulary, ordinal numbers, and some adjectives for a novice low/mid level student. Students will also learn subject pronouns and how to use them to replace a subject in a sentence. Then, students will be able to use those subject pronouns to conjugate regular AR, ER, and IR verbs in the present tense with specific emphasis on use in describing school day routines. At the end of the unit, students will synthesize their learning by creating a board game that reinforces the unit’s language and cultural learning targets including a comparison of schedules for a typical student in the United States and a typical student in a Spanish-speaking country. This unit is based on resources from Pearson Auténtico Level 1 Textbook and uses Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as a guide.

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