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Summer 6-20-2019


Students will learn the stories that have been left out of the dominant narrative of history. In 6th grade, students will study the experiences of Native Americans, African-Americans, and women to discover how these groups have been left out of the story of how America began. In 7th grade, students will discover how Native Americans and Tejanos were the first Texans, and explore the enduring legacy of segregation in San Antonio today.

Students will demonstrate meaning-making and transfer by creating an exhibit for a living history museum which would take place at an off-campus venue (such as a museum, a local library, or an art gallery!). The museum will contain two galleries: a 6th grade section devoted to the Untold Stories of historical or modern figures left out of the dominant early American historical narrative, and a 7th grade section that reflects the histories of the different ethnic neighborhoods of San Antonio, the city in which our school is located. In order to prepare for their exhibits, students will visit local museums, create exhibit prototypes, and receive feedback from local history museum experts. At the exhibition, students are responsible for putting together a trifold poster about their historical figure or neighborhood in San Antonio, as well as either illustrating or building a set that immerses the audience in history. (For example, students could illustrate iconic buildings from the West Side (the historic Mexican Quarter) of San Antonio or create a life-sized model of a Caddo Indian home.)

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