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Summer 6-21-2019


In this unit, students will explore the identity of their school community through story. Students will examine why we tell stories, how stories are told, whose stories are told, and how the storyteller's identity and perspective shapes the story.

Students will engage with stories in print, artifacts, school data, and visuals to examine the history of their school. They will then explore how various stakeholders in the school's past and present give different perspectives about the school and important moments in its life.

The unit culminates with a performance task in which students prepare for and conduct interviews of multiple stakeholders in the school community. After the interviews, the students compile their findings into their own written story, which they share.

Teachers and school community members have an option to collect the students' reports and create a school history that uses multiple stories and viewpoints from a wide array of perspectives and experiences to tell a powerful story of community and enrich the lives of its members.

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