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Summer 6-2019


This unit covers the 8th grade U.S. history unit, Exploration & Colonization. The three main subtopics within this unit are exploration, physical & human geography of the colonial regions, & foundations of U.S. government. This unit includes a performance assessment for each of the three subtopics. Additionally, since this is the very first unit of the new school year, we have included organizational structures in place, the focus of this being on the binder every student will use for the entire school year. An added element to our unit is that one performance assessment is designed to align with the goal and definition of Arts Integration from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It reaches this goal by integrating instruction of visual art standards as well as the traditional Social Studies content. Thus the visual art terms color and symbol are assessed alongside the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), or state standards for Texas. Supporting documents are included at the end of the Understanding by Design unit uploaded here.

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