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In the Growth and Vulnerability Unit, we hope to introduce to students concepts, skills, and assignments that will be recurring throughout the year. The interdisciplinary unit is meant for tenth graders taking a combined class of AP World History and English II, but it can be applied to any grade or content area with some adaptations. The unit concentrates on foundational writing skills: in the properly formatted paragraph (A.P.E.), citing scholarly sources (APA), using evidence to support a persuasive argument, and collaboration and presentation skills. Students will be able to independently recognize different perspectives, begin to develop a growth mindset and vulnerability, and recognize the different avenues to success. We approached these transfer goals through a 6 day unit (of 90 minute block classes), in which we taught students skills through a multimedia presentation project. The unit concludes with students presenting their learning on growth mindset and vulnerability, focusing on how it impacts a specific area of life. The presentations have an authentic audience of freshmen students in order to continue to develop a positive school culture and make the learning meaningful to multiple groups of students.

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