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In this 7th grade unit, students will be required to put their mathematical minds to work as they develop an understanding of both theoretical and experimental probabilities and as they learn to analyze and communicate data effectively. Students will use real life data to explore measures of central tendency and how different measures may lead to different conclusions about the same information. Through the performance assessment, students will collect and analyze data, choosing the best way to communicate their findings. Finally, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of theoretical probability to make predictions and will test those predictions using experimental probability. Concerning Statistics, the students will understand that there are many was to communicate information, but that some ways are better than others. They will also understand that the way information is presented influences our interpretation of it. Concerning probability, students will understand that for every even there are many possible outcomes, but some outcomes are more likely. They will also understand that the actual outcome of a situation is not always the same as the most likely outcome.

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