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This unit is designed for the beginning of the school year in an English I Pre-AP classroom. It assumes that students have completed their summer reading of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Overarching themes for the year are “Why do people read?” and “Why do people write?” Thus, students will begin to explore one of the reasons we read and write fiction: insight about human experience. More specifically related to the themes of Fahrenheit 451, students will see the importance of reading, writing, and enriching our brains as a species. By reading the novel, students will see an example of a society without books and the implications and consequences thereof. Students will also understand that a society’s rules affect the development of its citizens and that there are both good and bad ways to protest. Hopefully, by completing this unit, students will further their appreciation for learning and enrichment, and also discover appropriate ways to have a voice in society. At the end of the unit, students will be assessed on their understanding by creating a letter, song, or short story to protest and hypothetical situation provided for them. The hope is that they will use their understandings from the unit in order to formulate an appropriate, logical, and powerful argument for a sensible outcome.

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