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In this unit students will be reading about a variety of injustices that exist both locally and around the world. Students will be uncovering the understanding that justice is not always a black and white issue and often has more than one perspective it can be seen from. Students will also see examples of individuals who have fought against injustice. Students will practice using their reading skills on both fiction and non-fiction pieces on this topic. Students will also participate in shared inquiry discussion and a debate wrestling with the ideas of justice. In the culminating performance task, students choose an injustice that exists in their city to fight against. Students first research their local injustice and then create and implement an action plan appropriate to their chosen issue. For example, if students chose to fight the injustice of homelessness in San Antonio, then they could create a school-wide awareness campaign and clothing drive. They could find creative ways to encourage other students to bring in clothes and/or food and then donate their contributions to a local homeless shelter.

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