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This unit outlines U.S. expansion and imperialism at the turn of the 19th century, a policy change from America's traditional stance of isolationism. The content covers newly acquired U.S. territories, the Spanish-American War, changing U.S. foreign policy through Theodore Roosevelt and John Jay, as well as the historical debate of the time period: the growth of anti-imperialists. The unit uses secondary and primary sources, coopertive learning methods, and an emphasis on vocabulary to not only allow students depth in learning, but also a foundation with which to be successful for TAKS. The unit's two essential questions ask students to explore the deeper motivations and stipulations of imperialism, while connecting it to the modern day issue of U.S. involvement in Iraq. The unit is estimated to take eleven 90 minute block class periods, however it can easily be manipulated for a lesser time block. The unit aligns with NEISD scope and sequence as well as the standards outlined in the TEKS.

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