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This unit is designed as a mid-year unit for 1st grade language arts. Students will have had some exposure to story elements and will have written a few stories independently. The unit is designed around the Tacky the Penguin books written by Helen Lester. In this unit, students will explore problems and solutions in stories. Students will understand how conflict and resolution engage and entertain readers. The students will listen, compare, and analyze the problems and solutions in three different books. They will realize the power of choice that an author possesses when developing a story. Throughout the unit students will develop their idea of problems and solutions. Their understanding will deepen through exposure and discussion of problems and solutions. Students will also connect problems and solutions in texts to problems and solutions in their own personal lives. To conclude the unit, students will be asked to write a problem and solution story. Students will create problems and solutions. They will then choose one each as their central conflict and resolution. They will also be asked to explain their choices. Students will be assessed using a rubric on three categories: problem and solution, story development, and entertainment value. The goal is with their new knowledge of problems and solutions, students will be able to create an engaging story around a central imaginative problem and solution.

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