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The goal of this unit is to introduce students to the Middle East region of the world. Through the themes of the resources of oil and water students will gain a deeper understanding of the conflicts that have plagued this region of the world. Students will focus on the essential questions "What creates allies and enemies?", "Why is there conflict?", and "Are humans the heroes or villains of the earth?" in order to better understand the perspectives towards and of this part of the world. The activities and daily lessons of this unit are built to aid students in their understanding of the use and conservation of water and oil within the Middle East, where oil and water reserves are located, and how the location benefits certain populations and creates conflicts for others. The unit will end with a focus on the current conflict between Palestine and Israel. Students will organize a "dinner party" of perspectives on the conflict and create questions to guide the conversations of the guests to help them see the different opinions concerning resources and religion within this region.

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