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In this unit, students will be introduced to fractions. Students will have practice identifying commonly used fractions using physical models, pictures, numbers, and word problems. Using these skills, students will recognize equivalent fractions and be able to sort fractions from largest to smallest and vice versa. Students will also be introduced to adding and subtracting these commonly used fractions. To demonstrate their knowledge of fractions, students will be asked to complete a performance assessment. The students will be given a recipe and 2 situations. The students will use the given information to amend the recipe for the appropriate number of guests for each situation. The students will record the new recipes as well as their mathematic reasoning. Due to the severity of disabilities presented by my students, this unit contains a great deal of repetition. These activities can be repeated as many times as necessary to accommodate the needs of your students. The pace of this unit can be sped up or slowed down as needed. Keep in mind that it will be important for your to monitor student understanding throughout and make instructional decisions accordingly.

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