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Sexual assault is a social problem that disproportionately affects college students. Sexual assault perpetrated by men against women is a common occurrence on college campuses. Although situations involving alcohol and drug use often play a role in sexual assault cases, the root cause of the problem is the general perception of violence against women that is perpetuated in society and is implicitly tolerated as an aspect of the status quo. The impact of sexual assault on the survivor is far-reaching. Not only does the survivor experience physical and mental suffering from the assault, the experience jeopardizes the survivor’s college education. It contributes to students’ decisions about whether to stay in school, where to live, and what classes to take, as well as their sense of safety and security. The experience often makes it difficult for survivors to focus on their academic studies and to perform effectively. Although many institutions are responding to the problem of sexual assault, more improvements are necessary. Student prevention programs and education regarding sexual violence, improved protocol and campus responses to assault, and additional legislation at the federal and state level are all measures that should be implemented.


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The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities