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In the contemporary world, at a Pakistani refugee camp for Afghani widows, older Afghanis regard as "rebellion" their younger counterpart's decision to remain single rather than remarry deceased husbands, brothers, as per tradition. While the Afghani matrons were unable to force their preferences, examples exist of women refugees imprisoned at home, and even subject to an "honor killing". Refugees from communities where women have less independence than men may rebuke the gender politics of the West, so when girls and women adopt the customs of the host country, conflict ensues in the family. Women refugees have risen to positions of prominence in the United States and elsewhere, lessening to an extent whatever drawbacks are associated with being a refugee. In the way that Sycorax's perceived "religious" dissidence and subsequent persecution seem to align with the refugee experience of Anna Janz, Miranda's own refugee experience and love life register the positive experience of Charlotte Arbaleste.

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Shakespeare and Immigration