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This senior design project sought to construct an autonomous robot such that it would be capable of competing in the 2006 IEEE Region 5 robotics competition. This required the robot to locate and distribute a red, blue, green, and yellow can to its appropriate position based on the color of the can, all within a 3 minute time limit. The purpose of this report is to describe the design goals and specifications, outline the procedures taken to design the hardware and software of the robot, and to relate all results and conclusions for the project. At the competition, the robot successfully delivered all four cans to the correct locations, avoided hitting any human workers, completed the course with a time of 2.08 minutes (125 seconds), and received the 4th position for the competition. Based on these results, the project was a success as it met all design criteria. For future improvements, the group recommends using DC motors instead of servos in the drive system to achieve faster speeds on the course, and an automated calibration procedure would also be very useful in future projects.


Advisor: Michael Yockey

ENGR 4381