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A rainwater collection system implemented in a small community garden in San Antonio proposes to operate as efficiently as possible. The original design problem and proposed solution are discussed, and the construction process and the final design are evaluated. A set of experiments was conducted to help determine specific building parameters that would be included in the final design. Once built, the system successfully completed the major goal, to distribute water through a garden plot, by employing each of the other system components. The drip hoses, on average, flowed at 0.64 GPH/ft which is higher than our minimum of 0.45 GPH/ft. However, this was at a water height of 36” from the ground. The complete stepwise process taken to construct such a system is outlined below, and includes recommendations for future work or similar systems. With the goals of renewability, sustainability, and conservation in mind, a simple and intelligent design could eventually become a common structure in residential and commercial buildings


ENGR 4382

Dr. Alexander, Advisor