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The Condensate Collection Group had two main deliverables that it addressed throughout the year. The first deliverable was to verify the functionality of an existing condensate calculator. This calculator has the ability to predict the amount of water condensation that can be captured from an air conditioning system in a building such as a hotel. The second deliverable was to design a condensate recycling system that will be installed at a Drury Hotel facility, near the San Antonio Airport. For both deliverables detailed plans were developed to accomplish the required tasks. However, because of time-constraints, the system has yet to be built at the Drury hotel. Also, data [h]as not been collected to verify the calculator. Nevertheless, the group is confident that when the system is installed according to plan, it will be fully functional. Furthermore, pursuing the plans to collect data to verify the SAWS calculator will complete the second deliverable and allow evaluation of the calculator.


ENGR 4382

Dr. Glawe, Advisor