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At public events and festivals, a beer vendor's primary problem is that they are unable to serve customers quickly enough to meet the excess of demand. With so many people requesting service and so few serving, waiting in long lines has become commonplace at festivals and events. These long lines slow down business, which deters additional customer sales, resulting in a loss of profit for the vendor. This report discusses a solution to this problem. It is an automated beverage dispenser. It takes orders from a user and then pours out the specified drinks without human assistance. The removal of a person from the actual task of pouring a beer allows the vendor to take money and check identification of the customer while the machine pours their order. Having these actions performed in parallel optimizes the overall process of serving customers quickly. The machine is intended to increase the total output of a single vendor, resulting in increased profits and happier customers.


ENGR 4381

Dr. Peter Kelly-Zion