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A mechatronic system is designed, constructed, and tested to aid filmmakers in the movement and control of a video camera. The system design allows for 6-DOF camera movement (movement in all three spatial directions, pan, tilt, and roll). The system is controlled by a human operator, using an implementation of a gamepad controller, and the system is battery-powered; the theoretical range of the system is therefore limited only by the onboard battery power, and the operator’s ability to keep within cord-length of the system as it moves.

A misallocation of time resources resulted in an incomplete physical design, but preliminary testing indicates that the design is sound, and that mechanical specifications are sufficiently robust for a working final system. Further time and resources would be used to complete physical construction and electronic implementation, and to implement a feedback system to allow for closed-loop actuator control and the function of repeatable motion


Dr. Aminian, Advisor