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Spring 2019


This report begins by going into a detailed introduction of the problem. The Trinity Coates Library has old carts that are difficult to push, loud, and slightly dangerous when loaded with books. The main objective of this design project was to build a library cart that was safer, quieter, and easier to navigate around the library.

The design of our cart is broken down into several essential subsystems: the frame, mobile shelving, motor-assisted propulsion, control system and steering system. After the introduction, this report goes into detailed explanations of each component, including the descriptions and requirements of each subsection of the design. Following the descriptions, we go into detail about the initial prototype, as well as the testing and results of the physical prototype.

The initial prototype constructed is a simple circuit designed as a basic proof-of-concept of the carts control system. The prototype demonstrates basic motor functions such as forward and reverse control, speed control, and braking. We also made proof-of-concept calculations on the bolts used to support our shelves, proving that the load can be supported over long periods of time.

Our test plan included tests on the linear actuators, motor, battery, control system, steering system and the overall noise level of the cart in motion. We managed to conduct successful load tests on our actuators and control tests on the motor. Due to time constraints, the remaining motor tests, the noise tests, the battery tests, and the control system tests were delayed. However, the report goes in detail on how we intend to perform each test, the acceptance criteria and the tests will be conducted by the presentation. The results of these tests will be discussed in said presentation.