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Spring 2019


The Trinity University library is in need of new and improved library carts. Specifically, the improvements should focus on the level of noise produced by the cart, the cart’s book retention capabilities, and the relative ease of use for the library worker. These parameters were chosen based on the needs of the Library as expressed by our sponsor. A budget of $1200 was provided for developing and prototyping a cart that would improve on these aspects. In order to confirm the success of the prototype, the capabilities of the wheels, shelves and chassis were tested and analyzed. These capabilities were tested by measuring noise level, book retention and ease of use for both the existing carts and the prototype. These values were then compared in order to confirm that the prototype improves on the issues present in the current design used by the Library. It was concluded that the prototype was measurably quieter, had greater book retention and was easier to use than the current library cart. Overall, the prototype we produced met all of our project objectives. However, the wheels were not as quiet as we wanted. Although our cart was measurably quieter than the current cart, it was not as significant of a difference as we wanted. We plan to switch the wheels we have on the prototype with slightly larger pneumatic ones. This wheel change will improve the design and lower the measured noise levels as the cart travels through the library.