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The design team has improved the functionality of the paper cloud sculpture, created originally by Bridge LLC, to include a colored response to weather or user-based input. In mid March of this year, the scope of our project shifted in order to comply with the distance-learning protocols put in place by the university. Without access to our materials or prototype, additional work shifted to addressing the weaknesses of our most recent full prototype.

Due to the pandemic and lack of access to the labs, the team was not able to implement the final prototype for testing. However, each individual component, namely response to weather conditions in real time, reliable connection to a weather database and fire safety was thoroughly tested and verified. The material used for the cloud is the one suggested by Paper Cloud to make the final product aesthetically pleasing. The facets of the prototype that fall short of our original project plan include ease of maintenance, installation, and ability to transport. While the wire connections in this prototype have little improvement to maintenance ability compared to the original sculpture, we have provided suggestions in the manufacture and structural layout of the weather-adaptive cloud sculpture to address these issues.

Since our team produced a prototype with demonstrable basic functionality, and addressed each weak point of the prototype with specific suggestions, we consider this prototype to be working. For thoroughness and safety, we have included detailed instructions for creating the electronic setup in Appendix A, along with the suggestion of welding wire connections for added stability.


Dr. Mehran Aminian, Team Advisor

Dr. Darin George, Senior Design Administrator