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Fall 2003


The Tigernauts are a group of senior-level undergraduate engineering students at Trinity University who are participating in the Texas Space Grant Consortium's (TSGC) Design Challenge. The Design Challenge project adopted by the Tigernauts entails the design of an unpressurized manned rover for use on Mars. The rover is designed according to criteria set by the TSGC Design Challenge specifications for this particular topic, which are discussed later. Information regarding the team's member, advisors and other individuals associated with the project, background on the design topic and facts pertaining to past rover mission endeavors are also discussed. The report giver details on the team's goals and objectives for the project, as well as their approach followed to complete the project. This includes specific project requirements and evaluations of design plans and a final concept of the rover and its subsystems.



Dr. Kevin Nickels, Engineering Science, Trinity University

Dr. Humboldt Mandell, Research Fellow with UT's Center for Space Research, retired manager of Johnson Space Center's Exploration Office