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Spring 2004


Continuing their work from last semester on the Unpressurized Manned Rover for Use on Mars Surface topic of the Fall 2003 TSGC Design Challenge, The Trinity Tigernauts have created a 1:6 scale model of their previously designed Mars rover. The TSGC project was again integrated into ENGR 4382, a senior-level design course in Trinity University's engineering science curriculum, as many of the course's requirements overlapped with those of the Design Challenge.

This report is intended to provide an account of the completed Mars rover project. The Tigernauts and the group's collaborators are introduced, and background information regarding the topic at hand is presented. This is followed by the group's specific design objectives and the methodology followed in completing the project. Finally, design requirements and restraints of the project are discussed and a final design concept for the rover is presented.


ENGR 4382 -- Advisors:

Dr. Kevin Nickels, Engineering Science, Trinity University

Dr. Humboldt Mandell, Research Fellow with UT's Center for Space Research, retired manager of Johnson Space Center's Exploration Office