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The repair of neuronal tissue is a challenging process due to the limited proliferative capacity of neurons. Neural stem cells (NSCs) can aid in the regeneration process of neural tissue due to their high proliferation potential and capacity to differentiate into neurons. The therapeutic potential of these cells can only be achieved if sufficient cells are obtained without losing their differentiation potential. Toward this end, an astrocyte-derived coating (HAc) was evaluated as a promising substrate to promote the proliferation of NSCs. Mass spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy were used to characterize the HAc. The proliferation rate and the expression of stemness and differentiation markers in NSCs cultured on the HAc were evaluated and compared to the responses of these cells to commonly used coating materials including Poly-L-Ornithine (PLO), and a Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (HiPSC)-based coating. The use of the HAc promotes the in vitro cell growth of NSCs. The expression of the stemness markers Sox2 and Nestin, and the differentiation marker DCX in the HAc group was akin to the expression of these markers in the controls. In summary, HAc supported the proliferation of NSCs while maintaining their stemness and neural differentiation potential.


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