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A versatile, robust, and mobile design station can be economically constructed by integrating off-the shelf components with a clever custom framework. Ten such design stations are performing wonderfully in the new Center for Sciences and Innovation at Trinity University. Each unit supports the engineering design process from brainstorming and prototype design through construction and testing. The unit includes a permanent whiteboard, a removable white board, a flat-screen display, power outlets, data ports, storage (for tools, supplies, and student back packs) and a compartment to house electronic equipment hardwired into the unit. All this and a custom worktable for under $15,000. A similarly constructed teaching wall was created for under $18,000.


Design Station Team

Trinity University:

  • Diana D. Glawe, PhD, PE, LEED AP, Assistant Professor, Engineering Science Department
  • Rob Chapman, Director, Center for Learning and Technology
  • Robert Miller, DMC-E, EAVA, Audio Visual Classroom Technology Design Project Manager, Center for Learning and technology

Design & Assembly Concepts, Inc./Item South:

  • Martin Hansen, Principal Engineer
  • Wade Elliott, Designer
  • Roy Smith, Sales Manager,, P: (512) 528-9501

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