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The nature of our project is essentially an upgraded alarm clock that ensures that the user will wake up at the time set. Figure 1 displays the hardware of the project and has colored circles to indicate different components. The alarm functions by initially sounding a loud buzzer (red) at the set alarm time. If the user decides to snooze the alarm by pressing the snooze button (purple), the alarm will wait for a given amount of time before setting off the buzzer again. It will then trigger a Servo motor (pink) that will flip a traditional toggle switch to turn the light on and then return to sounding the buzzer until the user turns off the alarm by pressing the off button (orange). This off button may be used at any time throughout the alarm.

The time is displayed on a liquid crystal display screen. The brightness of the screen is adjusted automatically using a photoresistor (yellow). The photoresistor allows the screen to be brighter in a well-lit area and dims the screen in darker settings in order to conserve power. The user can use the numeric keypad to manually input the time in military time. The purpose of using military time is to avoid the complexities of differentiating between AM and PM. To set the alarm time, a switch (blue) is used to change to “set alarm” mode where the user can use the same numeric pad and instruction set to set the alarm.


Final Project Report for ENGR-4367 Mechatronics

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