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The purpose of the following project was to design, build, and test a device controlled by one or more microcontrollers. Three potential projects were first evaluated, shown by Figure A1 in Appendix A, and the Pyramid of Disco project was chosen. A high-level sketch of the project along with its functions is shown by Figure A2 in Appendix A, while the final product is shown by Figure A3 in Appendix A. The Pyramid of Disco is a 3D printed pyramid containing 221 light-emitting diodes that rotates above a fixed wooden base. The purpose of the Pyramid of Disco is to provide a light display that responds to music input by the user, lighting different LEDs in response to different frequencies in the music played through the system. The user can change the speed of rotation of the pyramid and the volume of the music manually, and the system automatically responds to changes in light level to adjust the LED brightness to best suit the environment.


Final Project Report for ENGR-4367 Mechatronics

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