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The objective for this project was to create a lockbox storage solution which used a fingerprint sensor (3) as the mechanism for locking and unlocking the device. A user of the device would have the ability to add or remove up to four fingerprints from the device while it is unlocked. As a backup measure for the event that a fingerprint is no longer recognized, the lockbox will have a preprogrammed PIN assigned to the device which the user can enter to unlock it. User input was implemented via a series of buttons (5) on the front panel of the lockbox. Then, to display information about the state of the lockbox and communicate any other UI information, an LCD display (4) was included on the front of the device. A stepper motor (1) positioned under the lid was also used as the mechanism for both opening and closing the lid of the lockbox via a connected lifting arm while a solenoid latch (2) also positioned inside the box was used to lock it. A buzzer will sound an alarm should a tilt sensor detect movement of the box above a certain predefined threshold.


Final Project Report for ENGR-4367 Mechatronics

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