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Our devices are a bluetooth remote controller and a remote-controlled omnidirectional loader. The vehicle functions are programmed through two PICs on the vehicle and another two PICs inside the controller. It features a double jointed shoveling arm designed to raise and lower to pick up and drop various loads (ex: sand or a flower). It uses “mecanum” wheels to achieve omni-directional driving. These wheels are controlled using a modified skid-steer system that allows for diagonal and left-right movement while the vehicle stays facing in the same direction. The pair of LED headlights can turn on either by a switch on the controller or by a photoresistor if the room darkens enough. Backup lights and a buzzer turn on when the vehicle has wheels that are moving backwards. The remote and vehicle communicate via bluetooth modules, allowing the user to operate the vehicle wirelessly.


Final Project Report for ENGR-4367 Mechatronics (7 kB)
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