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The design incorporates a sophisticated Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) playing interface, amalgamating robotics, audio control, gesture recognition, and display functionalities. At its core, the system employs a robotic hand mechanism featuring pulleys and fishing wire to simulate finger movements. This mechanism is orchestrated by servo motors through a PIC system, which receives commands from the Arduino. The Arduino serves as the central processor and begins a round when the player hits the reset button. It triggers an audio prompt at the onset of each round using an Icstation Recordable Sound Module, prompting the player to make their move. The Arduino then selects the RPS move based on the player's gesture captured via flex sensors integrated into their glove. These sensors, acting as variable resistors, detect finger movements and interface with the Arduino through a voltage divider circuit and ADC. The system operates in two modes: easy and hard. In easy mode, the move selection is random, while in hard mode, a rational agent determines the optimal move. Once both the player and the robotic hand have made their moves, the Arduino determines the winner and updates the scores on an LCD connected via I2C communication. This comprehensive integration of hardware components and intelligent algorithms offers an engaging and interactive RPS gaming experience, combining physical interaction with digital feedback seamlessly.

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