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Richard K. Reed


Olmos Basin Park is historically significant, biologically diverse and centrally located, yet it is decimated by trash. The park is predisposed to trash accumulation because of its geography and municipal setting. There are currently a few different litter management strategies active in the park. They include a contracted clean-up, the potential installation of a Bandalong Litter TrapTM Device, various Volunteer-Led clean-up projects, education focused strategies, and legal strategies. None of these strategies have been effective in significantly reducing the trash problem in Olmos Basin Park. A plastic bag ban, especially on that works within the frame work of existing bans, is the most effective strategy San Antonio could implement to reduce litter in Olmos Basin Park. The ban should be formulated with special consideration to San Antonio’s needs. Taking action on the litter problem in Olmos Basin Park will provide San Antonio’s with a safe, functional and central outdoor urban space.