Developing the BEAR: Assessing Student Competency Development in Graduate Health Management Education

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Summer 2016


Competency development is currently the most deficient accreditation criteria for healthcare administration programs, as comprehensive implementation is very challenging. The Army-Baylor Program in Health and Business Administration has pursued a fundamental and transformative path in how students are taught, evaluated, and developed throughout the two-year graduate educational experience, particularly in regard to competency development. Prompted initially by a positive evolution in accrediting organization criteria and more recently by the acknowledged advantages of a competency-based approach, the Army-Baylor faculty has sought to continue development of this methodology and provide assistance to the field as few programs have undertaken such a comprehensive approach. Development of competencybased assessment methodologies provides a point of departure for program leadership to assess student progression against competency requirements across the entire curriculum. By providing faculty and program leadership the ability to capture and quantify individual student performance against a defined standard, the assessment of requirements, pedagogical methods, and resource allocation becomes more efficient and effective. Notably, this approach affords the program a means to continually assess and improve educational delivery to ensure it achieves the desired objectives, produces an alignment of faculty capabilities against programmatic needs and prompts candid discussions of curriculum content and sequencing.

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Journal of Health Administration Education

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