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How can an "old space" like Special Collections be repurposed to meet evolving information literacy learning goals? This presentation will address ways in which a traditional library space can be reimagined as a place to engage students in affective learning at the beginning of the research process. By crafting activities for students that emphasize exploration and open-ended discovery, librarians and faculty can help students slow down and approach research more creatively. In the session, we (two librarians and a teaching faculty member) will share specific outcomes, activities, and the results of our assessments.

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of affective learning as a part of research in order to address student information literacy learning from a more holistic perspective
  • Identify challenges and strategies for integrating affective learning experiences into instruction scenarios in order to effectively identify opportunities for affective learning in their own contexts

Intended audience: Some experience with the topic


Presented at the 42nd Annual LOEX Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, May 10, 2014.