Animal, Vegetable, Deliverable: What the QEP Is Teaching Us About Students, Faculty, and Information Literacy Learning

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Trinity faculty are keenly aware of the evolving information landscape. We recognize that our students' familiarity with new and emerging technologies does not always translate into an ability to thoughtfully select, critically analyze, or effectively synthesize a range of sources into something new. In light of these trends, the Trinity community adopted "information literacy" as the major student learning target for our SACS-approved Quality Enhancement Plan in 2008. Since then, faculty from almost every department on campus have participated in workshops and received course grants to enhance students' ability to work with information responsibly. This presentation will share highlights from the wealth of data generated by the information-literacy focused teaching and learning activities of Trinity faculty and students, including evidence of Trinity students' information literacy development and effective assignments for enhancing information literacy in a variety of contexts.


Presentation given as part of the High Noon Luncheon Faculty Development Series, Collaborative for Learning and Teaching, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, Recorded February 5, 2013.

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