Fetch Quest: A Select Bibliography of Game Studies Journals

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The academic study of video games has grown substantially since 2001, the year Game Studies published its first articles. Yet ludology remains a young field, and many of its journals have yet to attain widespread recognition. Moreover, these journals are unevenly indexed and therefore invisible to searchers accustomed to web-scale discovery and library databases. Here, then, is an annotated bibliography of the major journals publishing video game scholarship. The list is not comprehensive; doubtless there are startups and quasi-journals I have overlooked. But these are the leading venues in which game scholarship is published. Each entry includes the following categories: International Standard Serial Number; publisher; website; principal contact; publication frequency; date of first issue; subscription cost; peer review; indexing services; a journal-supplied abstract; intended audience; and notes, in which I describe anything else that might interest readers.

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